We are honored that Phoenix Labs has chosen Lakshya Digital as an external development partner for their upcoming Co-Op Action RPG: Dauntless. With over two million active players (and growing), Dauntless is already proving to be an enormous success and we look forward to the official release.


Combining an incredibly distinct visual style and the enormous content demands of their game, Phoenix Labs sought a development partner who could truly function as an extension of their internal team without the overhead of managing a large team of artists.

Lakshya proposed a unique mix of our state-side game industry professionals and our overseas team of talented artists to provide a highly scalable and cost-effective solution that would meet the highest quality demands for Dauntless. Our team is integrated with Phoenix Labs to ensure they have a deep understanding of the creative vision, and then work with our team of artists overseas to deliver a large volume of high quality content. Our unique mix of resources ensures the absolute best quality of service and content at an unmatched value.

The Lakshya team has created hundreds of assets, including characters, creatures, costumes, vehicles, props and environment assets.

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